through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
provides educational workshops and classes

this season's light falls on...

homeless women 
sex trafficking of children
violence against women


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    WORLD PREMIERE on April 14, 2014  

    Victory Gardens Theater

    2433 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

    A World Premiere about Domestic Child Sex Trafficking

    Matinees for High School, Universities, Adult Organizations 

    written by

    Mary Bonnett


    MONEY MAKE’M SMILE is the journey of a young woman and man whose lives get caught up in sex trafficking, end tragically were it not for a mistaken interception by Fate and Destiny.  Girl and Boy are given another chance.  Restarting from birth, they revisit their old lives on earth and watch their relationships develop with family, friends, new loves and choices that create their demise.  In a bargain with the universe, their lives will be put back on earth and set on another path if they can make different choices. In the end, it is not the characters who decide their fate but the audience.


    Created for high school and university students, also adults organizations involved with the issue; MONEY MAKE’M SMILEis an allegorical wild journey through space and time…funny, unique, poignant, powerful…exploring the world of sex trafficking, gender roles, media, vulnerability and human transformation or not… 



    Contact:  Zander Thomsen  Chiwriter7@gmail.com


    ARTISTIC TEAM  Written and directed by Mary Bonnett, Lighting by Claire Chrzan, Music by CCDM, Choreography by Melinda Wilson, Costumes by Jane Fly, Sound by Warren Levon, Media by Jacob Toramina, Sarah Mellas Production Assistant; Kelli Kovach Stage Manager; Haley Himmelman House Manager, Razor Wintercastle Lighting/Sound Technician.

    CAST  Katherine Bellantone, Raven Moran, Chris McClellan, Jackson Pearl

    EXPERTS Kim Foxx,  Democratic Candidate for Illinois Cook County States Attorney, Marian Hatcher Cook County Sheriff Department, Survivor; Brenda Meyers Powell Co-Founder Dreamcatcher Foundation; Chris Baker, Owner Ink 180; Al Krok Retired CPD Undercover Detective; Paul Olsen Vice Squad Cook County, UnHooked; Frank Massolini Executive Director PROMISE Program Anne's House ; Laura Ng Executive Director, Traffick Free; Judge Ann Breen Greco, Dr. Jody Raphael DePaul Univ. Law; Marie Miller Survivor; Donna Gutman, Co-President, NCJW North Shore