through theater and the written word...Her Story Theater

shines bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support
creates a place and space to exchange ideas that support writers and performers
provides educational workshops and classes

this season's light falls on...

homeless women 
sex trafficking of children
violence against women


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    The production of GLOSS OVER is available for performance.  If your organization is in need of raising awareness on the plight of homeless women, this production is a powerful tool.  

    We have three versions of GLOSS OVER, all adaptable to any given space.

    Our scripts are also available to rent.

    For further information email: chiwriter7@gmail.com.  

    GLOSS OVER transforms from beauty salon setting to procenium stage 




    GLOSS OVER  Our first production, in partnership with Working Women's History Project, was based on the true stories of Chicago homeless women from Deborah's Place.  Set in a working salon and spa, characters received real time beauty treatments by technicians as they revealed their stories.  On a music cue, the audience traveled from room to room...hearing their stories and coming to the realization...they were a dime away, a job away, a paycheck away from being just like them.

    It was a call for empathy, understanding, volunteering and giving. HER STORY THEATER raised thousands of dollars for Deborah's Place and the women of Deborah's Place saw their stories come to life through the eyes of the artists.  A once in a life time experience for cast and crew of HER STORY THEATER and the women of Deborah's Place.

    Thanks to Salon Echo and Maria Sigman for her generosity and support.